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Penco Walker Glides enable wheeled walkers to move smoothly over a variety of surfaces, thresholds and elevations without snagging or lifting.

- One size fits both 1" and 1 1/8" walkers

- Inserts easily into walker tubing

- Stainless steel tightening bolt

- Made in U.S.A

Walkers are manufactured by several companies, each offering their own individuality or advantage.  The aluminum tubing used will usually be one of four sizes, measured either by the outside or the inside diameter of the tube.  When buying glide tips or wheels for your walker, consider the diameter where the accessories will actually attach.

The four common sizes of aluminum tubing used:  
Outside Diameter (O.D.) Inside Diameter (I.D.) 
1 1/8"
The most widely used sizes are the 1 1/8" and the 1" (O.D.) walker tubing, encompassing more that 90% of the walkers sold in the United States.

The Penco Walker Glides adjust to fit both the 1 1/8" and 1" walkers.  Our patented design allows the glide stem to be easily inserted into either size and then spread inside to hold the glide firmly in place. 

Our glides will not fit the 3/4" or the 7/8" (O.D.) walker legs.
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